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The Committee on ChronoHistory is charged with identifying, evaluating, recommending and implementing initiatives and mechanisms to ensure preservation of the history of our discipline, Chronobiology. The relative youth of our field and its growth and richness are counter-balanced by the aging and loss of founders and early contributors.

Preserving this history provides a basis for conceptual understanding of our field, and a sense of intellectual kinship. In addition, Chronobiology is viewed as a field of remarkably fast growth in integrative power since its formal foundation in the 1950s. Preserving materials that document this process are therefore valuable for a more general understanding of the generation of new ideas and research fields.

Call to members

If you have access to or know of links to archival collections, photos, or documents relating to the history of biological rhythms, please send this information to any of the Committee members: ChronoHistory Committee Members 2016

Anna Wirz-Justice, Chair (Uni Basel)

  Jo Arendt (Uni Surrey)

  Eric Bittman (Uni Massachusetts–Amherst)

  Serge Daan (Uni Groningen)

  Jeff Elliott (UCSD)

  Barbara Helm (Uni Glasgow)

  Ken-ichi Honma (Uni Hokkaido)

  Elizabeth B. Klerman (Harvard University)

  Björn Lemmer (Uni Heidelberg)

  Reimer Lund (Uni Munich)

  Michael Menaker (Uni Virginia)

  Roberto Refinetti (Uni South Carolina)

  Till Roenneberg (Uni Munich)

  Jürgen Zulley (Uni Regensburg)

Prize Winners of Aschoff's Rule

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